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            • 江蘇愛力特精密機械有限公司,是一家集研發,生產和銷售高速立式加工中心,高速數控雕銑機和自動化產品的高新技術企業。

            • 公司陸續開發出傳統立式銑床,高速數控雕銑機,高速數控石墨機,動梁雙驅龍門雕銑機,立式綜合加工中心機,攻牙中心機,龍門加工中心機。公司秉承“科技創新,追求品質,用心服務,用戶至上”的經營理念,致力于產品的研發,技術和品質的提供。

            • 本公司與西班牙FAGOR,日本三菱,日本FANUC,德國西門子等國際知名系統軟件公司有著長期的技術合作。采用高品質的機床附件結合先進的生產技術和檢測設備,使愛力特的產品達到了高剛性,高品質,保持重切削和高速切削的精度和穩定性.

            • 可連續完成銑,鏜,鉆等多種工序加工,是模具及復雜零件加工切削的首選數控精密機械。

            • 愛力特將不斷地為客戶提供買的起,用的放心,最符合客戶需求的產品和高品質的售后服務,贏得客戶的信賴。

            • 愛力特將和您攜手共進,成就共享,共創高科技數控精密機械新時代。

            • Jiangsu ELITE Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.is a high-tech company which integrates R&D, production and sales ofhigh-speed vertical processing centers, high-speed CNC engraving and millingmachines as well as automation products.

            • we have successively developed traditionalvertical milling machine, high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine,high-speed CNC graphite machine, moving beam double drive gantry engraving andmilling machine, vertical comprehensive processing center, tapping centermachine, gantry processing center.

            • Adhering to the business philosophy of"scientific and technological innovation, pursuit of quality, dedicatedservice, customer priority". and is committed to products research anddevelopment, technology and quality provision.

            • Spain FAGOR, Japan mitsubishi, Japan FANUC,Germany Siemens and other famous international system software companies have along-term technical cooperation with our company.

            • Using premium machine tool accessoriescombined with advanced production technology and testing equipment. make themachines achieve high rigidity, high quality,and keep the precision andstability of heavy cutting and high speed cutting.

            • It can make milling,boring, drilling and other processes continuously.Its the prime choice formould and complicated parts processing and cutting

            • We will continue to provide customers withaffordable,reliable products. and most suitable products as well ashigh-quality after-sales service to win customers’ belief!

            • Elite will work with you hand in hand,sharing achievement, create a new era of high-tech CNC precision machinery.